Cooking my way through grief. 

When my mother was suddenly hospitalized, I barely had an appetite. I was too worried about her and too emotionally drained to think much about cooking and eating. Immediately after she died, I had even less of an interest in food. Why should I care what’s for dinner? Mom just died. A trip to the food store seemed too overwhelming and there were too many memories of Mom.

Mom was only 63. Too young and gone much too quickly. As I process and adapt to this “new normal” without her, I hope to find comfort in the things she loved most: recipes and cooking.

Mom collected more recipes than I can count. Some are scribbled on bits of scrap paper, others carefully written on index cards. She filed away newspaper clippings, magazine articles, pamphlets, brochures, you name it… Her cookbook collection rivaled that of a local library, with more stacks than could fit on numerous bookshelves.

She read cookbooks as though they were novels, but probably never made most of the recipes in her collection. Sure, she had a few favorites and there are many recipes I DO remember her making (see Passover Mandel Bread and Little Potatoes)

I hope to cook my way through some of her collection. As a way to honor her memory, as a way to process my grief, but also as a way to make new memories in the kitchen.

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This site and blog are works in progress for me. Please be kind.

I’ll cite my recipe sources as best I can – I don’t know where some of these came from.

I hope you will leave a comment if you enjoy reading my posts or decide to make any of the recipes. I’d love to hear from you.


Me with Mom. Mother’s Day 2015.
Mom and Me. I’m guessing I’m around 5 years old in this photo.